Nutrition Articles

Tryptophan: A Sleepy Amino Acid

Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and turkey, oh my! As your mouth salivates just thinking about the holiday meal, be ready to give into the post-dinner relaxation and calm. Eat. Nap. Enjoy!

The Pumpkin: Not Just For Pie! Eat the Seeds! Try the Oil!

Pumpkins and fall go together in Fort Wayne, but this versatile fruit offers its flower, flesh, seeds and oil for our healthy enjoyment! Your skin, eyes, heart, blood pressure, immune system...your whole body will love it!

Broccoli: Your Super Vegetable

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic wants you to eat your veggies! Start with broccoli. The greener (or even purplish), the better.  It’s anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, full of fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Spice it. Butter it. Cheese it. Just eat it!

Prunes & Pomegranates are Your Friends!

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic wants you to try a couple "p" fruits: the prune and pomegranate. Yes, they’re a bit odd. One's a shriveled up plum and the other has funny seeds inside. But they taste good and are so good for you!