Nutrition Articles

Eat some Pecans for their Vitamin E and Prevent Bone Loss

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic suggests you add some Vitamin E to your diet to ward off and/or manage your bone health and osteoporosis in addition to the calcium and Vitamin D you are already taking. Even enjoying some pecans may boost your Vitamin E intake!

Water Improves Fort Wayne Lower Back Pain Treatment Outcomes

Water! Aaron Chiropractic Clinic encourages you to drink more water to keep your spine healthy and hydrated and improve the effectiveness of your chiropractic spinal manipulation treatment. It’s really the best liquid for you and your spine!

Fort Wayne Anti-Depressant Use May Risk Bone Health

Fort Wayne anti-depressant use is likely on the rise like it is across the US. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic worries about the risk to bone health in taking these, so we’d like to work with our patients on healthier approaches.