Featured Exercises

Exercise Like A Cheerleader! Hamstrings

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is happy to help the cheerleader athlete recover from and prevent hamstring injury and pain as well as the mom who bent too far into the trunk to pull out the groceries. Hamstring stretches can help us all.

"Stand Up Straight!" Posture is Important.

Does anyone in Fort Wayne slouch? Poor posture may lead to low back pain starting even in young people. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic offers simple exercises and posture tips to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

"Fatty" Neck Muscles? Yes! Tone them up.

In Fort Wayne neck muscles may get fatty. They degenerate over time like spinal discs degenerate. But Aaron Chiropractic Clinic has a relief plan for neck pain patients that includes some simple exercises to get the neck muscles back in shape relatively quickly with routine and accurate application.

"Look at those 6-pack abs!" or not...Strengthen What you Have!

Do you know someone in Fort Wayne with perfect abs? Well, that's all well and good, but most of us need to just tone what there is of us to support our spines. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic wants you to know that abdominal exercises don't have to be hard, just effective.

Improve Your Balance and Proprioception

Chiropractic care for Fort Wayne residents is important to Aaron Chiropractic Clinic. Do you find that you lose your balance or trip more easily than when you were younger? Your proprioception, your sense of balance, may be off and a few simple exercises can improve it.

Stretch Your Spine

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic recognizes that back pain and tight spinal muscles are no stranger in Fort Wayne. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic sees them everyday! Simply stretching the spine is relaxing as well as beneficial to recovery from back pain.

Stretch the Hamstrings

Fort Wayne hamstrings are tight! Stretch those hamstrings! Low back pain may be provoked, especially in certain conditions like spondylolisthesis, by tight hamstrings. Simple daily stretching may be the best activity to add to your daily routine to minimize back pain.