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No MRI for Chronic Low Back Pain. Really?

Does an MRI fix back pain? Nope! It may be part of the diagnosis process, but so is a good, clinical exam. Researchers don't even recommend MRI for chronic low back pain. Check with Aaron Chiropractic Clinic for back pain care and relief.

Watch Out, Fort Wayne Men Who Do Too Much!

Do you know a Fort Wayne man who thinks he's invincible? (You?!) He's never had a back pain episode. He lifts heavy stuff all day long at work - and on the weekends. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic knows him, too, when he becomes a patient for the first time!

Fort Wayne Chiropractic Relieves Migraine Pain

Compare a migraine to love? Sure! Each can be blinding, unreasonable, overwhelming. The difference is that the Fort Wayne migraine sufferer wants relief. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is as beneficial as drug therapy for migraine relief.

Relief for Pain after Back Surgery

Failed back surgery frustrates both spine surgeons and their patients. Fort Wayne patients with continued pain after back surgery successfully find relief at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic. Try our chiropractic care to help you.

Want to Work? Have Low Back Pain? Try Non-Surgical Care.

In Fort Wayne lower back pain interferes with life sometimes, but when back pain keeps you from work, life gets even more difficult. Get relief to return to work. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic's non-surgical chiropractic care may be your gentle, low back pain relief answer.

Back Pain Specialist

Chiropractic provides 94% of spinal manipulation care. Back pain sufferers think of chiropractors for back pain relief. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic embraces back pain and strives to be the Fort Wayne back pain specialist.