Aaron Chiropractic Clinic Helps Relieve Mid-Back Pain

Mid-back pain. Have you ever felt that? Tightness in the mid-spine? It is not that uncommon, and Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment of the mid-back is relieving. Just ask our thoracic spine pain patients who have realized relief at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic!


Mid-back pain issues may come from poor posture as the muscles and ligaments have a hard time attempting to keep you balanced in addition to stress, stenosis, rare disc herniation, trauma, whiplash, lengthy computer work, backpack carrying, etc. So many different issues may lead to mid-spine pain. An in-depth examination must be done to exclude any more worrisome issues, so when red flags are excluded, gentle Fort Wayne chiropractic distraction manipulation may be applied. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic has the experience and the time to examine your spine and diagnose the condition and establish a relieving treatment plan


Chiropractic spinal mobilization and manipulation care for mid back pain relief has been researched. In a study, chronic thoracic spine pain patients with pain coming from the T6 to T8 area for over 90 days were studied for their response to spinal manipulation. Though not significant, a decrease in pain intensity, spinal stiffness, tenderness, and disability were recorded. (1) Pain sufferers are happy with any relief!  Another study related how spinal manipulation and mobilization treatment created different muscle responses and instantaneous effects on the pain intensity of chronic thoracic middle back pain patients. Spinal manipulation produced greater muscular response and reduction in pain intensity. (2) A third study asked what influenced patients’ positive reaction to treatment for their non-specific thoracic spine pain? They found that their expectations of progress and their comfort during the spinal manipulative treatment played influential roles in the patient responses. (3) Our Fort Wayne mid-back pain patients have confidence in our chiropractic treatment and its positive outcomes of care.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kurt Olding on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes treatment of the thoracic spine, in this case treatment of a mid-back thoracic disc herniation, with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment today. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic treats the whole spine and helps ease the tightness and pain of the mid-spine we all feel at times!

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic delivers gentle chiropractic treatment to relieve mid-back pain in the thoracic spine.  
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