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Back Pain Specialist

Chiropractic provides 94% of spinal manipulation care. Back pain sufferers think of chiropractors for back pain relief. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic embraces back pain and strives to be the Fort Wayne back pain specialist.

Whoa! Don't Fall!

Do you notice that your balance and equilibrium are not as good as they used to be? If you do, you are not alone in Fort Wayne. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic has a treatment plan to help you improve your balance.

Spinal Stenosis: Non-Surgical Chiropractic Care Recommended

Chiropractic non-surgical treatment in Fort Wayne is a wise first step for spinal stenosis pain relief. Medical research reports non-surgical and surgical treatment outcomes are nearly equal. It even recommends spinal manipulation as the primary care for low back pain.

Smoking and Stress: Influences on Low Back Pain

Even in Fort Wayne, smoking and stress tend to influence low back pain. Daily smoking has a prevalence of 23.3% in chronic low back pain. Stress more than doubles the risk of low back. Controlling stress and not smoking are keys to healthier living.