Spine Articles

Fort Wayne Chiropractic Benefits Degenerative Disc Disease

Tired of saying “My back’s acting up. I can’t do that.”? Degenerative disc disease is a legitimate cause of back pain in young and old alike, but chiropractic care at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Wayne has a solution to help you!

Epidural Steroid Injections Good or Bad?

Epidural steroid injections: “They work!”  “They don’t work!” “They work sometimes.” Aaron Chiropractic Clinic understands the controversy but finds that combining them with our care, back pain relief may be enhanced.

Kids' Spinal Health: Care Tips

Fort Wayne parents rely on us when it comes to the spine - theirs and their kids'. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is your partner when it comes to the spinal health of your kids from examination and diagnosis to treatment.

Auto Accident? No worry! Aaron Chiropractic Clinic Can Help

Motor vehicle accidents happen at the most inopportune times, don’t they? Fort Wayne auto accidents upset your whole life. But don’t fret! Count on Aaron Chiropractic Clinic to guide you through the pain relief process and get you back to your life.

Blame It on Mom! Back Pains in the Genes?!

Fort Wayne moms certainly want the best for their kids. They didn’t plan to pass on spinal stenosis or weak lower back muscles. But if it happened, Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is here for all of you. We relieve back pain and help you control it.