Fruits & Veggies Deflame Inflammation and Add Life to Bone, Body and Life Span

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” - Doug Larson

Right on! Fruits and vegetables add more than just great scent to your life. They add colorful zing to your meals. They add flavor to the life of your bones, your body by reducing inflammation and your likely lifetime longevity. Yes! You, our Fort Wayne chiropractic patient, may even add years to your life the more you add fruits and vegetables of all sorts and colors to your eating occasions. So what is behind this? Fruits and vegetables de-flame your body’s inflammation. Aaron Chiropractic Clinic is all about reducing inflammation. Inflammation hampers the fun in life, so part of the Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan is to get rid of as much inflammation as possible. Adding fruits and vegetables is one simple tactic since we all eat several times a day anyway!

Benefits for Bones

The more fruits and vegetables eaten, the higher the bone mineral density and the lower the osteoporosis risk in middle and older age. (And for those of our Fort Wayne chiropractic care patient community who may not love vegetables, you are in luck! Fruit tends to be more beneficial in this regard than vegetables.) Lower bone mineral density folks realize more promising results of eating more fruits and vegetables and a lower incidence of osteoporosis. (1) Eat more fruit if nothing else!|At least up your fruit consumption, our Fort Wayne chiropractic clients!

Benefits for Inflammation Reduction

Variety in fruit and vegetable intake is associated with inflammation reduction. The greater the variety, the greater the anti-inflammatory effect on the risk of coronary heart risk. C-reactive protein levels also lower. The quantity of fruits and vegetables did not appear to bother the results much. (2) So eat lots of different types of fruits and vegetables!

Long life benefits.

Eating more fruits and vegetables possibly improves life longevity. More evidence comes demonstrating that there is a link between eating fruits and vegetables and “all-cause mortality”. In a 6 year study, just 4% died from “all causes” which lead researchers to speculate that higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is related to a reduction in "all-cause mortality".  Seven (7) servings or more a day of fruits and vegetables is optimal. The question of raw versus cooked is considered.  (3) Many Fort Wayne chiropractic patients want to live longer and healthier. There’s a connection! Healthier living may well lead to longer living. Living healthier may lead to living longer.

If you are just not too interested in eating fruits and vegetables, become childlike again. Retrain your brain! Play with your food as one article shares that sensory play leads to tasting fruits and vegetables you play with! (4) It works for preschool kids who tried tasting their play fruits and veggies! Now that is a way to learn!

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic intends to de-flame inflammation. Our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients could certainly find their bodies, bones and lifespans all react positively. Inflammation holds you back. Fruits and vegetables move you forward. Schedule a Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment today with your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Aaron Chiropractic Clinic and try other ways to enrich your nutritional intake for the sake of your body’s inflammation condition, longevity, and bone health.

Aaron Chiropractic Clinic encourages Fort Wayne chiropractic patients to eat more fruits and vegetable to reduce inflammation. 
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