You just know the car accident did it. "Why didn't that driver slow down in time? How did he hit me so hard from behind? Didn't he see me at the light?" The questions linger just as the symptoms do.


quick flexion-extension forced movements that stress the cervical spine and cause pain


Whiplash as in an accident situation or other situation that causes quick flexion-extension forced movements that "whip" your head forward and back stress the musculature of the cervical spine and cause pain. Following whiplash type injuries, aggravation of a degenerated disc, tearing of a disc or soft tissues (ligaments and tendons), neck pain, arthritic joint stimulation, or damage to congenital abnormalities of the neck or upper thoracic spine are probable sources of pain.

Note: It is important to seek care sooner than later after whiplash as it is documented that after 2 years, no further change in symptoms occurs. You will more than likely live with the condition your neck is in at that point.  Only 12% of 43 whiplash patients recovered at 10.8 years after their injury.


A thorough, clinical examination that may include imaging is important to your recovery.

Cervical Spine Exam Description


In office, Aaron Chiropractic Clinic uses Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression to widen the canal space, drop the intradiscal pressure and increase the disc height to relieve pain.

You will welcome the Cox Technic manipulation that gently "pulls you apart," as many patients describe the treatment or say they need.Cox Technic widens the canal space, drops the intradiscal pressure and increases the disc height to relieve pain.

Graphic Animation of Cox Technic - Cervical Spine
The disc is pressing on the nerve. Note that as the disc herniation reduces, the pinched nerve is relieved. 
  Cox Technic Protocol I - for severe pain or pain that extends below the elbow   Cox Technic Protocol II - for pain that is in the neck and stays above the elbow  

At Home Care

At home you will want to avoid sleeping on your stomach, wear a neck brace if recommended, take nutritional supplements that help rebuild disc cartilage, exercise, and modify your daily activities as needed. You will want to work closely with your doctor to ensure your treatment is properly administered and your return to maximum health is maximized.

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